Wearing Multiple Hats

With more than 2 years in an early stage startup, I learned how to work hard and lean. I also acquired the skill of jumping head first into a task that’s not included into my job description.

I handled worked on the full data science pipeline which includes data engineering, machine learning and data analysis. I also took part in many business meetings with high profile clients at the different stages of project.

Now, I find myself capable of collaborating and communicating with engineers, researchers and especially business oriented individuals in their own language.

mouhcine toumi
mouhcine toumi

Engineer at the core

Despite the fact that I have touched on many aspects between technical and business work, my thinking is that of an engineer.

Even before my graduation as a Software Engineer, I always thrived at solving mathematical and algorithmic problems. The level of abstraction I got used to operate in helped me a lot in my professional career.

With time and experience, I learned how to translate business problems into technical ones that I could solve with my team.

To this day, I still enjoy writing and optimizing my code and debugging it.

Business Oriented

I perceive understanding and solving business problems as the core purpose of my profession.

In addition to attending business meetings early in my career. I was trusted with the CEO position for more than 6 months. This experience helped me gain huge understanding of business decisions coming from both the company and clients.

The business mindset reshaped my way of conducting data projects so that I can serve the business first.

mouhcine toumi
mouhcine toumi

I write.. A LOT

Writing is my weapon of choice to immortalize knowledge and communicate complex ideas with my team. It has a tremendous impact on the team’s productivity. For example, by writing clear documention, you can easily avoid meaningless meetings and interruptions.

I also try to add value to the people behind me by maintaining my personal blog.

My Data Stack

This section highlights tools I worked with in a professional context and which I can confidently use to conduct end-to-end data projects.

Languages : Python SQL Typescript

Data Storage : Mongodb Neo4j Postgresql Redis S3 object storage

Web : Angular NestJs NodeJs

Big Data : Apache Kafka Apache Spark Apache Airflow

Data Visualization : Gephi PowerBi Tableau Superset

Deployment & Cloud: Docker Digitalocean Heroku Azure Linux

Version Control : Git

Agile Management : Kanban Scrum Notion ( for knowledge & project management )

Contact me

I am currently available to join ambitious teams solving real world problems as a Data Engineer or Consultant. If you think I might add value to you, please do not hesitate to reach out or even download my resume upon request.